Types Of Roulettes In Online Casinos

Despite the abundance of variants, there are actually only a few basic species from which all other varieties are descended.


This is one of the oldest varieties of this game, which, however, still has not lost its popularity. It was from her that other varieties received their development.

  • with this option, cash is not used, only chips or special tokens, which can later be exchanged for money;
  • this roulette requires memorizing all types of bets very carefully, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to play.
  • when choosing a table, you need to pay attention to the table of limits, it is she who determines the minimum and maximum possible bets;
  • Players have the right to place external and internal bets themselves, while oral bets can only be placed by the dealer after the player has made an announcement;
  • if sector zero falls out , then bets on equal chances are dealt with in one of two ways:
  • they are all placed on the field until the next rally. If zero falls again or the bets are lost, then the income goes to the casino. If they win, then the players are refunded without paying out the winnings;
  • half of the bet is returned to the players.


The main difference that pleases many players is that this version uses English terminology, which greatly facilitates the game, because this language is international. The rest of the rules are similar and the essence is to guess one of 37 numbers. Features of this version of the game:

  • casino price tokens are used;
  • bets are paid out with the largest, not the smallest;
  • Bets on equal chances are similar to French roulette: the first variant of action with them is that they are “locked” until the next draw and are lost if they lose or another zero falls out. The second option is that they are returned to the players at 50% value.


American is close to the previous versions of the game and has similar principles. Of the individual features, the following should be noted:

    • two zero numbers: 0 and 00;
    • the general arrangement of the numbers is somewhat different from how they are located in the previous versions of the game (French and European versions);
    • If there are several croupiers, then they distribute duties among themselves in an arbitrary order. The player should only know that the exchange of chips is made only by the dealer who is behind the wheel;
    • there are no oral bets in American roulette;
    • Players make bets on the field independently, the croupier can do it instead of them at their personal request. Or the croupier can intervene in the process if the player commits incorrect actions;
    • payments are made with the lowest rate and further in ascending order.

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