How To Play Roulette, System And Principle Of The Game

Among gamblers who love casinos, roulette is the most popular game 3win. The rules of the roulette game are not too complicated, but beginners often do not understand them well, and in some cases experienced players also make mistakes, which is why they lose significant chances of winning. More details about the rules and features of the game are described below.

General principle of the game

The general principle of the roulette game is quite simple: guess the number of the field where the ball moving along the wheel will stop. On behalf of each player, a bet is put forward on a value from 0 to 36, it depends on the type of roulette and the particular casino whether it is possible to make additional bets. The person who guessed correctly receives a special chip, which can subsequently be exchanged for cash. The more chips you manage to earn, the richer a person becomes.

Key rules

If one wishes to play roulette successfully, then knowledge of how the roulette system works is required. It includes the following rules:

  1. Several people gather at one table. Their opponent: the casino, which is played by the dealer. If there are many people, there can be several croupiers. Then they distribute functions among themselves.
  2. The gameplay requires each person to place a bet. The highest and lowest values ​​that can be performed are written on the plate for each table. You cannot place a bet less than the indicated minimum. In this case, one player can make several bets.
  3. The dealer asks the players to determine.
  4. The roulette wheel spins in one direction, a ball is launched in the opposite direction.
  5. When the ball stops in the field, the croupier names the winning number and places a special marker on this field.
  6. Losing bets are removed and chips are given to winners. The distribution of chips is made from the lowest bet. The last to be paid are those that were included in the “equal chances” group.
  7. Then the gameplay is repeated.

Betting options

The following betting options can be placed:

  • external type;
  • internal type;
  • oral.

Internal rates include:

  • straight lines – are made for a specific number, a token is placed on it;
  • split – a token is placed on the border of two numbers, on which the bet is placed;
  • straight – a token is placed on the border of the inner and outer areas, the bet is placed on numbers from one row;
  • square – bets on 4 adjacent numbers, the token is placed on the point of their contact;
  • sixline – the token is located on the outer line of two adjacent rows, the bet is placed on both rows.

External rates include those that are made on:

  • red or black sector;
  • even or odd sector;
  • fields 1-18 or 19-36;
  • sectors 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36;
  • 12 numbers from any of the columns.

The first three options are in the equal odds group.

Three special rules

A group with equal chances may be subject to special rules, which are as follows:

  1. If the zero sector falls out, then all such bets participate in the further game. If they lose or zero again falls out , then the player does not receive payments. If they win, they are returned to the players without paying the winnings.
  2. This rule is similar to the previous one, but when zero falls out, the bet simply burns out by half.
  3. Similar to the previous rules, but when zero falls out, the rate is reduced by over 50%.

One of these rules may work in a casino. Which one depends on the casino itself and the type of roulette used.

Now you know how to play roulette. By remembering the basic rules, you can play this game successfully. Do not forget to tip the dealer, then he will always be happy to give you good advice that can increase your chances of success.

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